Jeffrey Z. (zorn24601) wrote in arrakis,
Jeffrey Z.

Movie news

OK, fellow Fremen, in case you haven't heard yet, a new film version of our favorite science fiction novel is in the works.

Let the speculation begin! Who will play Paul? Who is both fat and sinister enough to play the Baron? Who will be doing the special effects? Will they FINALLY get the ornithopers right? Who should compose the soundtrack?

And the biggest question of all: Will it rock, or will it suck?
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I am not happy about this, but I will give it a chance. I'm intrigued to say the least.
I love the 1984 version, but it doesn't much resemble the book.
I love the 2000 sci-fi version, but the sets are cheap and the acting is somewhat flat.
It would be lovely to have a theatrical version that stays true to the book.
If they could combine the characterizations and the plot complexity of the miniseries with the visual production values and general tone of the Lynch version, it would be a masterpiece to rival Star Wars and The Lord of the Rings.


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Well now that could be good or bad. I'm hoping it's good.
well... imdb never fails to prvide the lulz. That message board is filled with the most pompous, over-inflated opinions.
That's why I brought the subject up here. For some intelligent discussion.


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My bets are that it will be too ambitious like the version Salvador Dalí became involved with.
I'm confused about why production for Dune is going forward. This movie has already been done twice in the span of 20 years! There really isn't much else that needs to brought to the screen.

Why aren't they making God Emperor of Dune??? That material hasn't been touched at all!
Because GE isn't nearly as marketable, and even more difficult to bring to screen. It's largely philosophical, and that doesn't sell in Hollywood.
The first film was released in 1984, making it actually 24 years ago. I know, doesn't seem like it's been that long, does it?

And the miniseries left a lot of fans disappointed. It was a worthy attempt, but the special effects department really fell down on the job.

God Emperor may have been one of the best of the Dune novels (second only to the original), but it lacks the action of the other books, and a film version would only be of interest to hardcore Dune fans. To get made into a movie, it has to appeal to a larger audience. Sad, because with today's special effects, Emperor Leto II would be a truly magnificent sight to see.
i was just going to ask the same thing - God Emperor - if done RIGHT would be awesome!
Here are my ideas for casting the new ‘Dune’ movie. Some, I think, are inspired. Others I fully expect to get me flamed like a marshmallow at summer camp.

Baron Harkonnen…Philip Seymour Hoffman

Feyd-Rautha…Robert Pattinson

Piter DeVries…Jeffrey Combs

Duke Leto…Viggo Mortensen

Lady Jessica…Gwyneth Paltrow

Paul Atredies…Jake Lloyd

Dr. Yueh…Geoffrey Rush

Duncan Idaho…Neal McDonough

Gurney Halleck…Tom Wilkinson

Thufir Hawat…Morgan Freeman

Stilgar…Oded Fehr

Shaddam IV…Terrence Stamp
oh i like your casting ideas!
Hmm, I liked the miniseries and I'd much rather see a continuation of both series than another adaption of the book. But I'm still curious about this.
I think I'm more unhappy about the fact that Brian is writing yet another book, this time filling in time between Dune and Messiah :P I have to read it, because I have to... I've been reading the Dune Series (Franks) practically yearly since I was 8 years old - so about 25 years now...
The prequels were bad enough, but the sequels he did made me shudder.