Tim Lieder (marlowe1) wrote in arrakis,
Tim Lieder

Children of Dune - sigh

Rewatching my DVD of Children of Dune and I am not sure how I didn't see this before, but the actress playing Alia is AWFUL. Every line reading she does is with his peevish tone that is supposed to be angry or troubled or messed up. But it's just peevish. Like she's kind of annoyed that someone took her favorite toy.

And she's about three words away from monotone. She sounds just a little bit like one of those contestants on Apprentice when they are trying to kiss Donald Trump's ass. Actually she sounds like a high school student trying to mutter her way through her school's production of Our Town; and failing.

I think I was distracted by the fact that there are a lot of great actors in the piece - Paul McAvoy, Alice Krige, Alec Newman and Susan Sarandon are just rocking. Also loving Ian McNiece and the actress that plays Irulan.

But every time Alia shows up I am stunned by her awfulness.

The only bad acting surrounded by great acting that I can think of as worse was Godfather III with Sofia Coppola; but at least Sofia wasn't supposed to carry the whole movie. You were just supposed to feel sad when she died but she wasn't given Al Pacino's role.
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