speaker of an esoteric language (sammystudio) wrote in arrakis,
speaker of an esoteric language

as per my question

since im one of the 4 people who actually liked brian herbets prequels i found a name sorta fitting to the new addition to my family....juno, she was one of the orginal titans...AND the suggestion of gom jabbar really caught my attention....so

juno (even though most of yall hated the prequels) or gom jabbar...

she isnt a big dog if that helps and she has coloring sorta brown with darker spots...

and thanks
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Trouble with Juno, quite apart from only being relevant Dune due to the idiot son and his idiot friend, is that evryone will be thinking pregnant teenager in stripy top.
you mean like alaska?

oh like the movie...

those have been the respsonses so far
Seconded. I haven't read the prequels but I hear Juno and immediately think of that annoying ass Ellen Page all preggo.
Oh it wasn't a bad movie. I actually liked that actress better in Hard Candy. She totally tortures and kills that guy.
Just had to say that I LOVE the prequels. >.>

And naming a puppy after a titan is AWESOME. XD
thanks...have you read the last two theyve done yet?
You mean Sandworms and Hunters? YES. I really enjoyed them. I know people were all, "I knew x was going to happen AGES ago!" but I didn't. And I would have read them even if I didn't. XD
The one problem with naming a puppy after a Titan in those books is the fact that all the Titans are named after Classical figures - mythological or otherwise (so I'm the only one that finds it ironic that the most powerful Titan is named after the biggest douchebag in the Iliad - Agamemnon - whilst the big loser Titah is named after Xerxes who was possibly one of the strongest rulers in antiquity) so unless one says that it's a Titan; whose gonna know.

For the record, my cat Socrates is named after the philosopher - although there was no Socrates among the Titans.
Yeah. Probably less than four actually.
Well at least three more in these comments.

But one less as I'm reading one of them again and I find myself irritated.
i liked the prequels too!!

Juno is a cool name. :D