speaker of an esoteric language (sammystudio) wrote in arrakis,
speaker of an esoteric language

i might be a bigger dune freak than you

or not...and who cares if i am or not

a friend rescued a low rider pitbull tonight and im pretty sure ill be tending to her for the rest of her life...im having some difficultly coming up with a name for her...

so why the hell am i posting this here?

she needs a dune related name...

wanna help?
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helen gaius mohiam
You can't go wrong with Alia!
I had a cat called Muad'dib a few years ago, and I always thought Ghanima would be a fun pet name.
Sadly, they never named Gurney's mascot in the Lynch movie or you'd be sorted.

How's Gom Jabbar? or Soo Soo (as in soo soo sook)if she drools a lot
Gom Jabbar if she bites a lot

Otherwise, I vote Alia!


January 10 2009, 13:25:45 UTC 8 years ago Edited:  January 10 2009, 13:38:24 UTC

My cat's name was Chani. She was a phenomenal mouser and the runt of the litter; a small and vicious warrior. It seemed appropriate.

Check her personality and choose that way. :)
Farad'n. :)
some sort of creepy tleilaxu name....